Directions to ITC Naarden

Directions to ITC Naarden

Most retreats are held at the International Theosophical Center in Naarden, in the Besant Hall. Below you will find the route description by public transport and by car.

Route by train

Travel to Naarden-Bussum station. From there, take a taxi or take a bus: line 100, get off at the Flevolaan stop; from there it is a 20 minute walk (see maps below).

It is also possible to rent a bicycle at Naarden-Bussum station.

Directions by car

The address for the car navigation is: Meentweg 9, 1411 GR in Naarden. (For Google Maps navigate to the following point: and enter the ITC terrain). Enter the zip code to avoid ending up on the Meentweg of nearby places. PLEASE NOTE: Many navigation systems, including Google Maps, have difficulty giving correct directions. If your navigation gives wrong directions, follow the correct directions here: On the A1 between Amsterdam and Amersfoort, take the Bussum/Naarden exit, and then follow the directions on the maps below.

ITC routebeschrijving

Parking at the ITC

The number of parking spaces at the Besant Hall (after the entrance on Meentweg) is limited. In order to avoid hindrance to the neighbours, we ask you not to park on the Meentweg itself. Alternative parking space is available at the parking lot of the cemetery on the Valkenveenselaan and the Oud-Valkeveen tavern (Google Maps: You then enter the ITC at Valkeveenselaan 19. Follow the yellow posts over the forest path to the Besant Hall.

Plattegrond ITC terrein