Thursday August 15 – Sunday August 18, 2019 (3 nights)

Vipassana retreat

International Theosophical Center Naarden

Begeleiding: Shaila Catherine

Datum: Thursday August 15 – Sunday August 18, 2019 (3 nights)
Plaats: International Theosophical Center Naarden
Begeleiding: Shaila Catherine

Retreat starts at 16.00, door open at 14.00, Dinner at 17.00 (soup and bread) 
Retreat ends August 18 after lunch at 13:00

Weekend Retreat in the Netherlands with Shaila Catherine
There is a waitinglist for this retreat.

This insight retreat will emphasize skills for developing Right Effort to support mindfulness, concentration, and insight. By learning to use our energies wisely, we can set down the burden of competitive striving, infuse our activities with ease, cultivate balanced beautiful qualities, open to a fresh and free way of engaging with experience, and incline the mind toward profound peace. 

The factor of effort is included in many of the most important Buddhist Lists including the Noble Eight-fold Path, the Seven Factors of Awakening, The Five Faculties, The Five Powers, and the Four Bases of Success. 

Morning instructions on this retreat will explore effort as described in the Sammappadhāna Samyutta, The Connected Discourses on Right Striving (SN 49.1). This brief teaching presents a flexible four-part approach to skillfully meeting situations, both in formal meditation practice and in life.

This retreat is appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners. It will include group meditation instructions, dharma teachings, and either group or individual consultations with the teacher.

See this interview with Shaila:

Shaila's websites, and

Attendance Request
Participants are asked to arrive at the start of the retreat, and depart at the end of the retreat. Please do not come late or leave early. 

Teacher: Shaila Catherine
Assistance: Henk van Voorst

Registration and Payment:
Sangha Metta retreats are offered free of charge based on dana.
See Sangha Metta's policy on dana.

The basic retreat costs for accomodation and food are € 65,- per night (this retreat:  € 195,-;  3 nights). There is room for tents. This is € 10,-  less per night.

However you are free to pay as much as you like.
Dana for the basic costs can be payed in advance or on the last day of the retreat.
There will be a pin device for online bank payment.

The Dhamma teachings are offered free of charge, but we encourage participants to show gratitude with a generous donation to the teacher on the last day of the retreat.
The volunteers of Sangha Metta do their work out of generosity as well. There will be a dana basket also for them.

Sangha Metta intends to give all yogi's a single room. However this is not allways possible. Is there a specific reason why you should have a single room? State it in your registration form.

Information and registration: Registration via Sangha Metta
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