Based on the outcome of a meeting of the Sangha Metta council the Sangha Metta board has made an important decision on the future financial policy of our organization.
Starting januari 1 2019 Sangha Metta will apply the Dana principle to all retreats and study events organised by us. Before only the teaching and some organisation costs were on Dana, now accomodation and catering will also be offered on Dana. There will be a two year trial period. After we will evaluate this period.
The practical consequence of working with Dana is that the yogi decides what she or he will give in return for a retreat. Underlying is the notion that people belong to each other and care for each other. The Dhamma is precious and its value cannot be measured by wordly means. It is given from the hart and received by the hart. >
So financially there should be no barriers for participation. Each yogi can ask him/her self this question, ‘What can I give to ensure the future spreading of the Dhamma?
  Admission to a retreat follows the order of registration. After approval of registration a message of confirmation will be send to the yogi. Sangha Metta needs to know the number of registered yogi’s because of required accomodation and catering. So if a yogi decides to cancel after confirmation he/she is requested to let us know as soon as possible.

  The fact remains that Sangha Metta is required to pay fixed prices for accomodation and catering. At the Naarden location ‘Arundale’ house will be demolished and a new building will be constructed named ‘Lotus’ house. This will increase the price we pay.
In 2019 Sangha Metta will pay a total of € 65,- a night per yogi to the cooks, the landlord in Naarden and for overhead costs. One can use this figure to determine a free gift.
Yogi’s can give less or more. Listen to the hart en use wisdom.
The figure mentioned applies to the Naarden location. If the retreat is held at another location other figures will apply.

  Sangha Metta prefers Dana to be given before the start of a retreat by bank transfer.
At the end of a retreat we will have a pin device for those who want to transfer after the retreat.
Teacher Dana will be handled in the traditional way and is not included in the above.
At the end of the retreat there will be an opportunity to give dana for teaching and for the care given by Dana workers.
We invite you to support this initiative. We realize this goes against the stream in society. We trust Sangha Metta and the yogi’s during 25 years of existence have gained insight, wisdom and confidence.
We welcome your cooperation and gladly receive your feedback.
The Buddha’s advice was ‘to cultivate Dana first’ when he was asked what was needed to reach total liberation. ‘Start with generosity’ said the Buddha ‘live together peacefully and cultivate your mind to purity and wisdom.’
Gladly we invite you to participate in giving and receiving freely.
Donations to Sangha Metta: NL49 TRIO 0391 1582 52 or NL 31 INGB 0008 3305 01